The Case of the Missing Crayfish
Why are there no crayfish in Africa? (6/21/2010)
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Are You My Father?
Why every male spider mite has a grandfather but no father. (4/8/2010)
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Sometimes Inseparable: the Backyard Crustacean and the Bacteria
The strange case of pillbug populations that are genetically male, but functionally female (4/26/2009)
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Breathless Turtles
How does a Painted Turtle survive under ice all winter without air? (3/29/2002)
A Plant With a Way
How does the Indian Pipe plant survive without chlorophyll? (10/19/2001)
Poisonous Mammals in Your Backyard
Why is the Short-tailed Shrew poisonous, and why you don't have to worry about them.  (8/3/2001)
Dressed for Success
Why is a male cardinal so shockingly red?  (5/18/2001)
Jellyfish in Fresh Water?
When will they appear, and why are they all the same sex?  (12/15/2000)
Long Live Flying Squirrels
Why do Flying Squirrels live twice as long as they should? (10/13/2000)
To Grow or Not To Grow
Why do some male Atlantic Salmon go to the ocean and grow, and others stay behind and stay small? (8/11/2000)
Flies That Love Humans
How does a Black Fly find you and what you can do about it?  (6/9/2000)
Everybody Sings the Same Song
Why is Nantucket an exception to the rule that Black-capped Chickadees all over sing the same song? (5/12/2000)
Swarming Snow Fleas
What are those tiny insect-like creatures and why are they out in winter?  (4/6/2000)
Frozen Frogs Come to Life
The Wood Frog becomes a frozen frogsicle in the winter.  How does it survive and revive in the spring? (3/31/2000)
A Conifer That Thinks It's a Broadleaf
Nearly all conifers are "evergreen" and keep their needles year round.  Why is the Larch an exception?  (2/18/2000)




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